Day at the Beach (Figure in Landscape Oil Painting)


Day at the Beach by Damian Osborne, 2019

Oil on Panel

52 x 62 cm


Day at the Beach is an oil on panel figure and landscape painting of a young woman sitting among the sand dunes of the beach.

She is in a bikini, spending a day at the beach alone with her dog. 

The woman is staring forward, lost in thought in the hazy heat of the day. Her dog amuses itself with a twig behind her. The dog is looking at us, as though we are coming onto the scene. But the woman’s attention is on something in the distance.

Her cell phone lies on the pink blanket beside her, the screen is off. She seems meditative as if this fleeting moment of privacy in the sun is just a temporary escape from a busy world demanding her attention. 

I painted this scene en plein air with my easel on the beach. And I painted the model from life, doing a small oil on panel painting as a study. 


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 52 × 62 × 1 cm


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