About Damian Osborne


Damian Osborne was born in 1980 in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.

He grew up with a penchant for drawing and for nature, playing and exploring on the fields and farms around the home. From an early age he was indefatigably drawing — especially birds.

As a child, he spent weekends as the only student in the studio of a water colour artist, who promoted his skills in drawing from life. He began oil painting at the age of 20.

Damian’s artworks often portray hidden metaphors. His landscapes are painted ‘en plein air’, setting up his home-made fold-able easel in the vineyards or fields. Or painting with a board propped up against the steering wheel of his car.

‘I’m a born and bred Capetonian. Nothing beats all the vineyards, fynbos, seas and mountains.’ 

Nudes and figures are drawn from life. He attends a weekly life drawing group, and is in charge of hiring models. 

Damian also fills many notebooks with doodles and quick pen sketches. In them, he tries to capture people, animals or places as quickly as possible.

Drawing in pen is always so fascinating because here the artist has no safety net. And their process and personality can be readable like one’s handwriting.

Damian Osborne’s work can be found in private collections around the world.

Taking many of the influences from the past and present masters, Damian Osborne tries to paint ‘that which ignites the heart and the eyes,’ being true to his own wants as an artist.

He paints because he wants to be authentic; seeking originality and trying to find the balance between mystery and accessibility.

‘I want to awaken a sense of belonging in others, invite introspection and remind us of our connection to nature and timelessness; a place beyond the mundane.’

Damian Osborne, artist in studio