Prélude à l'Aprés-Midi d'un Faune, by Damian Osborne, oil on board, 43 x 60,5 cm, 2023, 800px, contemporary realist paintings, figurative painting
Contemporary realism is a genre of painting that is more representational than abstract. Prélude à l’Aprés-Midi d’un Faune, by Damian Osborne, oil on board, 43 x 60 cm, 2023. While the model was painted from life, the rest of this mythical painting was painted completely from my imagination. The title comes from the music of Debussy, one of my favourite composers. His music is like pictures made of sound.

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Damian Osborne is a figurative and landscape painter of contemporary realism and imagination living in South Africa.



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Damian Osborne, contemporary figurative and landscape artist, art teacher
Contemporary figurative and landscape artist, Damian Osborne.


Hi! I’m Damian Osborne.


And I’m a contemporary figurative and landscape artist from South Africa.

Painting is fundamental to honouring this life and this reality. It’s communication with the unconscious and with Nature. Through art, I hope to subtly stir an internal shift in the way people connect to the land, themselves and this vast natural world; to invite introspection; to awaken a sense of belonging and appreciation.   


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What is Contemporary Realism?

Contemporary Realism is a loose term — sometimes interchangeable with terms such as ‘Modern Realism’ or ‘Representational Artist’ — which describes an art movement that is a kind of reaction against ‘Modern’, ‘Pop’ or ‘Abstract’ art, where the artist paints their subject matter in a realistic manner.