Silver (Nude Figure Oil Painting)


Silver by Damian Osborne, 2017

Oil on Panel with Silver Leaf

46 x 61 cm

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Silver is the name of the reclining female model in this painting. I drew her from life in life drawing class, then painted this nude figure oil painting in the studio.

Playing with the concept of her interesting name, I decided to add a silver leaf background.

The painting is a play on warm and cool colour temperatures and the contrast between bright and muted colours. The reflective silver leaf brings out the warmth in her cool flesh. I focused on the sensitive use of chroma.

The way she was lying reminded me of a figure painting by Courbet, ‘Woman with a Parrot’. But instead of using chiaroscuro, this painting is in a much lighter key and the girl has dozed off. She does not seem to be flaunting her nudity as in the Courbet painting. Rather, she seems far away and aloof in her natural nude state, her eyes closed, and her focus inward.

The silver leaf gives the effect of a light, bright atmosphere, contrasting with the weight of her body sinking into the mattress and into somnolence.


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