Arum Lily oil painting



Damian Osborne

Every Saturday in June 2019, 10:00 – 13:00

At 50 Herschel Road, Fish Hoek, 7975

R1800 for the full course

(R360 per lesson)

Includes canvas and art materials and over 15 hours of personalised art tuition.

Gift vouchers also available.

Isn’t oil painting amazing? Ever wondered how the Old Masters achieved their techniques? How does it look so ‘real’?

If you love art, if you’re curious, if you’ve painted before or never touched a brush, then join us on this fun and insightful course on oil painting.

It’s the perfect course to learn oil painting in a structured and relaxed manner. With only a handful of students, you’ll get plenty of individual help to develop your painting skills. And it’s a chance to make new friends too.

The course is aimed to develop artistic confidence and enjoyment of painting, and to give you the correct and traditional foundation with which to pursue oil painting.

What you’ll need to be the next Leonardo Da Vinci within 5 weeks:

(Well maybe not quite, but I like your enthusiasm anyway.)

  • You’ll need your eyes and brain cells
  • An awesome attitude (bring your love for art!)
  • Old clothes or an apron that you don’t mind getting paint on
  • Art materials are included in the course fees!

The Course Layout:

Lesson 1:

Introduction to the art materials. Setting up a still-life. Observation, composition and design, proportion, perspective, and contour. Charcoal drawing. Imprimatura.

Lesson 2:

Light and shadow. Values. Oil painting rules. Mediums. Directional brush strokes. Textures. Edges. Underpainting. Grisaille.

Lesson 3:

Local colour. Colour theory and harmonies. First colour layer.

Lesson 4:

More on colour. Glazing and scumbling. Building up tone, contrast and chroma. Focal point. Second colour layer.

Lesson 5:

Final glazing. Shadows, highlights and details.

When and Where?

The course begins Saturday 1st June 2019, 10:00 – 13:00

Classes are held at 50 Herschel Road, Fish Hoek, Cape Town.


To book your place, fill in the form below:

Remember, space is limited, so don’t dilly-daddle. And if you want to bring your granny, or your cousin Lionel, you’ll need an extra lack of hesitation.

If you have any questions, ask below or contact me on: 


See you soon!

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