Art lessons Cape Town


Art Lessons in Cape Town


Have you always wanted to paint or draw, but somehow kept putting it off? Or been too afraid or hesitant to start? Or been beset with frustration at the beginning and then just given up?

It ain’t no thing!

Art is not a competition. There’s always going to be someone better or more sucky than you. So why not just enjoy yourself and tap into your own endless source of inspiration?

You’ll probably find a surprising amount of creativity within yourself you never knew you had! The more you learn a new skill, as always, the more a whole new world opens up before you!

So don’t be chicken. You wanna paint in oils don’t you? Or be able to draw!

Look, I won’t lie. I don’t think any artist ever feels like they’re good enough. Unless you have a massive ego. But the most important thing about being an artist is, well, creating art.

Be like a zen monk and just zone into your own. It’s amazing what a pencil in your hand can do for your life. The simplest things in this world are often the most profound.

And don’t listen to those naysayers that say painting in oils is difficult. (In fact, I think it’s easier than acrylics in my humble opinion.)


So if you’re in Cape Town and would like to pop in to do some art lessons, don’t hesitate to contact me or RSVP below.


Classes are for all skill types. It’s relaxing but structured. Bring a friend with to add to the social vibes. And kids over 10 are welcome.

What you’ll need to be an awesome artist

Every class I’ll give you a list of stuff to bring for the next one. Don’t worry, it won’t be a very long list. But for your first class, you’ll need simply:

  • A great attitude

That’s it. I’ll provide you with paper and charcoal for us to get started.

Where are these art lessons held?

Classes are held at The Source Yoga and Pilates Studio in 11 Townsend Ave, Constantia, Cape Town, 7806.


Any questions?

Fill them in below. Remember, space is limited, so don’t dilly-daddle. And if you want to bring your granny, or your cousin Lionel, you’ll need an extra lack of hesitation. And if you can’t make the set times, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

See you soon!


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